Installation & Pricing

Installation & Pricing

BearStopper offers Garbage Can Enclosure (GCE or “bear box”) installation service within a 400 mile radius of Arnold, CA. It is performed by our installation partner Hwy 4 Homes handyman (or other installers directly affiliated with BearStopper) and subject to the following conditions:

  • Due to the variance of terrain, travel time, and customer requirements, all bear box installation jobs are quoted individually. In our experience, the average installation quote in the Arnold area is $300 for a pedestal and $500 for concrete pad.  

  • BearStopper warrants installation against manufacturer defects and workmanship for 12 months.

  • Outside of our 400 mile radius, BearStopper encourages customers to enlist the services of qualified personnel to assist in the installation of their GCE. BearStopper assumes no responsibility for installation services enlisted by our customers by parties other than those directly affiliated with BearStopper, LLC.

  • BearStopper makes every effort to install GCE’s in a timely manner. Timely installation can be affected by forces outside the control of BearStopper, including inclement weather, product availability, customer directed scope of work, etc.

  • For BearStopper GCE’s purchased through our retail partners, customers are encouraged to work with retailers to assist with procuring installation service.

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Order of Steps

(Time frame is 3-5 weeks)

  • Step 1: Purchase a BearStopper Box.

  • Step 2: BearStopper will automatically do a site survey and send a location photo for approval.

  • Step 3: Site prepped and concrete poured.

  • Step 4: BearStopper installed.

  • Step 5: Client should contact a refuse company to begin service.

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