Personalize Your BearBox With an Address Applicator

Personalize Your BearBox 

With an Address Applicator

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Stainless Steel Address Numbers

Stainless Steel Address Numbers

Sleek, 4-inch Reflective Stainless Steel Address Numbers that can be attached to the door, front face, or any side of the box. 

The durable, high-quality stainless steel ensures they'll withstand the elements and look great for years to come. Plus, the reflective finish adds an extra layer of visibility.

Upgrade your BearStopper and make your mark with our Address Applicator today!

What Our Customers Say About BearStopper

What Our Customers 

Say About BearStopper

"The Bearbox allows me to store all of my garbage outside. It is well made, and everything about it works perfect. It'll keep the bears out."

-RickArnold CA

"Our Bear Box triple is working great for us. The Bears used to tear into our garbage & now they cannot get into it. The black units look really great."

- Mike & Jennifer

   Arnold CA

"There are Bear prints all over the outside of our box & they can’t get in. This will be so much easier with our renters."

- Sharon Healy

   Arnold CA

"Our Bear Box is working great. Our Bearbox really helps with our renters & house cleaner. No more garbage messes from the Bears going through our garbage."

- Dave & Rose Roberts

   Arnold CA

"Our friends who also have a house in Blue Lake Springs commented on it almost immediately with great praise. It has worked great for our first trash pickup."

- Kerry Kime

   Arnold CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I install BearStopper?

We are offering installation in a 400-mile radius from Arnold, CA. If you want us to ship a unit out of this area or do it yourself, we’ll send you an installation guide. The guide will include instructions on installing the pedestal mount or a slab mount so you can do it yourself. If you want to have a professional do it for you, we also include instructions on securing a local handyperson to set it up. Click here to get more details on Installations.

Q. Are you doing site surveys?

Do you want a bear box, but need help finding the perfect location to install it? We’re offering site surveys at no charge! If you want to get started ASAP, you can send us a few pictures and we’ll do a virtual site survey that will quickly ensure you place your garbage can enclosure in the perfect spot. Click here  to learn more about our site survey process!

Q. Do you offer any warranties?

We're proud of our Bear Boxes and the work that goes into making them. We believe in the quality of the structure, and we want to back that up.

BearStopper LLC warrants the Covered Product to be free of all defects in material and workmanship for 12 months from the date of purchase. Within the period of this warranty, we will repair or replace, free of charge; any part proving defective in material or workmanship. 

If you have any problems with your garbage can enclosure (bear box) before, during, or after the sale, please contact us for assistance and we will make sure you’ll end up happy with your purchase!