BearStopper Now Available for Only $2,995 With Standard Installation Or Just $2795 Without Installation.

Introducing the Better Bear Box

Protect Yourself, Your Community, and The Wildlife With The Sturdiest Garbage Can Enclosures.

4 Practical Reasons To Bear Proof Your Garbage


Bears have a great sense of smell and eat anything they can get their paws on. A bear box makes your garbage inaccessible, greatly reducing the odds of a dangerous wild animal encounter!


Bears can’t get in, no matter how hard they try. Our Bear Resistant Garbage Can Enclosure will help keep wildlife out and protect your family, homes, and pets from unwanted animal intruders.

Save on Bear Box For Garbage


Garbage messes and bear encounters can be dangerous and expensive. BearStopper helps you control the damage resulting from bear and other animal intrusions into your outdoor trash containers.


Every year, thousands of wild animals are killed due to having easy access to human food sources. You can help preserve the local wildlife by using the BearStopper Garbage Can Enclosures

Here's What Makes The BearStopper Stand Out

Here's What Makes 

The BearStopper 

Stand Out

Bear Box Trash Cans
Bear Garbage Box
Bear Proof Trash Box

The Door

Bear Box Garbage Cans

The door is normally the weakest point of a bear box, so we spent hundreds of hours perfecting our design. Here’s how we ensure our doors never fail:

  • Our “Picture Frame” single door and 14-guage black steel front panel ensures ultra-reliable and smooth door operation.

  • Extra door stabilization eliminates flex and weather-related door warping.

  • Custom Zinc-plated steel slam-latches & stainless steel striker plates make it easy and reliable for humans to close the door.

  • Stainless steel lower door kick plate offers additional door closure protection.

  • Features an interior release latch, so no one can get stuck inside like with many other bear boxes.

Garbage Bear Box - Highly Resistant To Weather And Wild Animal Attacks

Top-Grade Box Construction

Bear Proof Box Build With Strong Material for Garbage

Our enclosure is constructed of quality metal so it’s highly resistant to weather and wild animal attacks:

  • Made from 14 gauge heavy-duty steel, BearStopper is built to last.

  • The Superior “Polyarmor” oven-baked finish is highly resistant to corrosion and graffiti, as well as any weather conditions.

  • Our pitched roof design ensures that rain and snow cannot collect on the bear box.

  • The construction features heavy-duty structural pop rivet hardware for superior strength and rust resistance.

Customized Bear Box for Garbage

Custom Options

Custom Bear Trash Box

BearStopper features multiple customization options for your convenience:

  • Trash pick-up indicator Flag can indicate when a trash pick-up is needed. We can position it either on the hinge side or the latch side on the box.

  • DIY Box installation. Want to skip the installation fees? We can send you detailed instructions on how to do it yourself!

  • We offer 4-inch Reflective stainless steel numbers attached to the box door, front face vertical, or any side of the box.

  • Mounting System: Pedestal and cradle assembly for both concrete and steel pedestal bases.

  • Color Options: We offer the BearStopper containers in two beautiful colors: Forest Green and Chocolate.

About Us

Bears are some of the most adaptable predators on the planet. Once they start associating humans with food, they become a major nuisance. If you live in an area with wild animals nearby, you should know that simply taking your garbage inside won't help. Bears can still smell it from far away, and they will destroy your property in search of food.

Living in the mountainous area of Arnold, CA, Gary Durham saw this happen to many of his neighbors. That's why he decided to use his extensive manufacturing experience as a Logistics Manager For Tesla and Toyota to create "The Better Bear Box."

After building and testing hundreds of bear boxes based on Gary’s designs, we can confidently say that our USA-made Garbage Can Enclosures (GCE's or "Bear Boxes") are some of the strongest, most reliable you can find. By using our Bear Boxes, you're doing your part to keep both your community and the local wildlife safe, and we want to thank you for that. We're BearStopper. It's not just our name; it's our promise.

Bear Box Trash

What Our Customers 

Say About BearStopper

What Our Customers Say About BearStopper

"The Bearbox allows me to store all of my garbage outside. It is well made, and everything about it works perfect. It'll keep the bears out."

-RickArnold CA

"There are Bear prints all over the outside of our box & they can’t get in. This will be so much easier with our renters."

-Sharon HealyArnold CA

"Our new Bear Box is working great. The Bears used to tear into our garbage & now they cannot get into it. "

-Mike & Jennifer, Arnold CA

"Our Bearbox really helps with renters. No more garbage messes from the Bears going through our garbage."

-Dave & Rose Roberts, Arnold CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I install the BearStopper?

We are offering installation in a 20-mile radius from Arnold, CA. If you want us to ship a unit out of this area or do it yourself, we’ll send you an installation guide. The guide will include instructions on installing the pedestal mount or a slab mount so you can do it yourself. If you want to have a professional do it for you, we also include instructions on securing a local handyperson to set it up. Click here to get more details on Installations.

Q. Are you doing site surveys?

Do you want a bear box, but need help finding the perfect location to install it? We’re offering site surveys at no charge! If you want to get started ASAP, you can send us a few pictures and we’ll do a virtual site survey that will quickly ensure you place your garbage can enclosure in the perfect spot. Click here  to learn more about our site survey process!

Q. How much does a BearStopper cost?

BearStopper is committed to keeping prices reasonable while raw materials costs have increased over 150% during the past 12 months. It continues to be our mission to provide our customers with the highest quality products at affordable prices. Click here to get more details on our current pricing!